Auction No 463
14.June /15.June 2019

Lot 1760

Icon "Christ"
Silver oclad from Saratov
Russia, 1856

Price 1.400,- €

Auction No 463
14.June /15.June 2019

Lot 721

Mermaid, Japan 19th century
from two collections of netsuke

Price 1.800,- €

Auction No 463
14.June /15.June 2019

Lot 1425

Circle Joachim Beuckelaer and Pieter Aertsen,
“Market scene with Ecce homo“,
oil/canvas, 106 x 145 cm, 1598

Result 22.700,- €

Auction No 463
14.June /15.June 2019

Lot 2214

Rare tankard,
gilded silver,
Erhard II Warnberger, Augsburg 1690-1695

Result 3.800,- €

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Competence, discretion and trustworthiness - these are the values Von Zengen Art Auctions has relied on for over forty years. We auction up to 12,000 objects annually as part of our art and antiques auctions. The following examples and this catalogue are intended to give you an overview of our most recent successes.

Victor Vasarely, "Volans", acrylic/canvas, 119 x 116 cm, 1979, auction proceeds 88.000,- EUR

Bodhisattva Manjushri, gilded bronce, Ming Dynasty, auction proceeds 52.900,- EUR

Milly Steger, "Two figures", bronce, 1920, foundry Noack/Friedenau, auction proceeds 88.000,- EUR

Domenico Bossi, miniature, signed and dated 1804, auction proceeds 11.900,-  EUR

Oskar Kokoschka, "Flower still life", watercolour, 63 x 49 cm, 1969, auction proceeds 37.800,- EUR

Easter icon with oklad, Russia, about 1700, auction proceeds 18.900,- EUR